The Legoland amusement part in Billund, Denmark is holy ground for fans of the colorful plastic bricks. Back in 1968, when the park first opened, it was an opportunity for charmingly British narrators to say things like "sprawling landscape land of make-believe."

"But for the children, everything they see here is real. After all, they've been reared on a diet of fairytales, and who needs reality when yo ucan wander around this knee-high paradise and watch miniature jousting beneath the castle walls."

I love the narrator of this clip, pulled from the British Pathé multimedia archive. He describes the relationship between children and toys the same way the media todays describes the relationship between children and video games, only without the outrage. Ah, to be a kid again, five years before I was born.

First Legoland Park opens in Billund 1968 [YouTube via Topless Robot]