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A Delicious Reminder That Free Realms Comes To The PlayStation 3 Today

Sony Online Entertainment's family-friendly, free-to-play MMO Free Realms hits the PlayStation Network today, a fact they celebrated with a dozen family-friendly, free-to-eat cupcakes.


The fine folk at Once Upon A Cake delivered these tasty treats to my door this morning, a dozen chocolate and vanilla cupcakes emblazoned with the news that Free Realms is now available on the PlayStation 3, a mere two years after its PC debut.

The cupcakes were actually delivered to my parents' house across town, so I sent my fiancée on a fetch quest to retrieve them, rewarding her with valuable experience points. And maybe a cupcake.


As you can see in the video, the cupcakes were quite tasty, though here at Kotaku we have to complete the entire thing before delivering a full review. One sugar-induced coma, coming right up!

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FreeRealms? That Pay2Win furry MMO for children under 12?

Geeze, guess I'll finally go out and get that PS3 I've had my eye on. :P