A Deeper Look at the Vita's Big Charmer, Escape Plan

We've seen plenty of Uncharted and Resistance on the upcoming PlayStation Vita handheld, but we haven't seen enough of the truly creative stuff. In this new video from Sony, Matt Morton from Fun Bits Interactive talks through the creation of Escape Plan, the studio's hilariously violent-looking black-and-white puzzle game.


Morton talks about why they went with black and white (essentially, the Vita screen is awesome and really makes it pop), briefly looks at how the touch screen factors into gameplay, and discusses how the two characters operate in terms of the game's puzzles. Basically: They make it through each one by dying a whole lot.

I dunno if I'd buy a Vita for it, but I want to play this right now.

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Is it known if this will be a full retail game or a PSP Mini? Either way, I will buy this day 1! This is actually the only Vita game I'm actually excited about. There are other decent titles (portable MvC3 FTW!), but I can't say I'm all that excited about any of them.