A Dead Sega Mascot is Even Deader Now

Forget his flirtation with Nintendo on the Wii. Monkey maraca simulation Samba de Amigo was, is and always will be a Sega icon, a reminder that the Dreamcast was cool, quirky and now very, very dead.

Something this neat shirt captures perfectly. Samba de los Muertos is a new shirt from Meat Bun that takes the adorable little simian and, well, kills him in honour of Mexico's impending Día de los Muertos. Or, Day of the Dead.


It's $24 from Meat Bun's store. You should probably get one. Trust me, when it says 100% super soft cotton, it damn well means it's super soft cotton. You could put kittens/babies to sleep on these things.

Samba de los Muertos is just one of several new designs over there, the most awesome of which is a Calvin & Hobbes x Mortal Kombat shirt.


Samba de los Muertos [Meat Bun]

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