You've played Dark Souls the game. And next January in Tokyo, you can patron Dark Souls the cafe!

From Software, the game's creator, says the goal is to recreate the game's mood in the form of an eatery. And on January 6, Australian themed bar OZ Cafe in Tokyo's Nishi-Azabu will be reborn as Dark Souls Cafe. Currently, there are no photos of the completed cafe.

This is part of a promotion for the upcoming Dark Souls II, which will be released this March. Starting January 6, the Dark Souls Cafe will be opened for a limited time only and serve Dark Souls themed food and drink.

No word if the cafe makes it unbelievably hard to order or if you must wait abnormally long for your meal. Doubt it, but Dark Souls ain't easy and its cafe shouldn't be either!


Dark Souls Cafe [Official Site]

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