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A Cute Girl Who Watches You? There's an App for That.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Like it when a cute girl watches you? "This isn't some weird metaphor," explains comedian Kendo Kobayashi. Rather, do you like it when a cute girl watches over you?

Watching Cute Girl is a new iTunes app that features a young lady watching you. She's supposed to keep you company if you are, for example, working, studying, or eating by yourself. When you are so lonely.


Watching Cute Girl has 180 pre-recorded clips. Occasionally, she'll say things to encourage you. Since she is synched to time, does says different things based on the time of day. So, in the morning, she'll say, "Good morning, I came to watch you." At night, she'll say things like, "Good evening. Have you already eaten?" She also says fairly random things, such as, "I want to go to a hot springs."

And then, there are the times she just stares at you. Quietly. Without blinking. Or suddenly says, "Just watching you makes me happy." Which is totally not creepy.


As Kobayashi, who was involved with the app's creation, explains in the promo video, you might feel like you become closer and closer with the lady in your iPhone, but you should probably not pick her up and try to hug her. She might freak out!

The girl even takes random photos of you, and then shows you said photos. She, however, will not upload them to the internet, so relax.


The developer is Osaka-based Ningen Inc. These are the same folks who created Kinect software that gives people enormous boobs. They're doing funny stuff for shits and giggles, so don't take Watching Cute Girl too seriously. Kobayashi is a comedian. This is a gag app. Lighten up!


The 314 MB app is usually priced at ¥350; however, for a limited time, it's available for ¥85.

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