A Cowboy in Gotham, a Spaceman and the All-New X-Men Highlight This Week's Best New Comics

Every week, there are lots of new comics out in comics shops around the world. There are also fresh new and old ones sold legit on digital devices, every Wednesday.

I don't recommend you buy all of them. Just some of them. My recommendations for this week:

Comics You Should Consider Buying (from comics shops)

All-Star Western #2 A gruff cowboy rides in to 19th century Gotham City, six-shooters at the ready. The first issue of this series was wonderful. Official summary for this week's follow-up: "Even when Gotham City was just a one-horse town, crime was rampant - and things only get worse when bounty hunter Jonah Hex comes to town. Can Amadeus Arkham, a pioneer in criminal psychology, enlist Hex's special brand of justice to help the Gotham Police Department track down a vicious serial killer?"


Daredevil #5 The new issue of my favorite new series of the year. 'nuff said.

Gladstone's School for World Conquerors #6 I'm an issue or two behind in this comic about a school for super-villains, so here's the official summary: "All Hell breaks loose when the Gladstone's Cadets take on their parents' old superhero nemesis. But have they bitten off more than they can chew? Can they restore their parents' villainous honor? It's an action-packed 'don't miss' issue, with far reaching events that change the Gladstone's universe forever."

I, Vampire #2 Folks, trust me on this one. I thought it was going to be a Twilight-like thing. It's not. Former lovers, both vampires, turned enemies as she leads the world's vampires to rise up against humanity and DC Comics' super-heroes.


Incredible Hulk #1 I don't care about the Hulk, but I'm a big fan of Jason Aaron, whose super-hero and non-super-hero comics writing is equally fantastic. I don't even know what is supposed to happen in this issue, but I don't care. Aaron is a must-buy these days.

Spaceman #1 The amazing 100 Bullets writer-artist team of Brian Azzarrello and Eduardo Risso return for a sci-fi series. Official summary: "Set in a post-apocalyptic near future, Spaceman tells the story of Orson—a hulking, lonely loser who spends his days collecting scrap metal and dreaming of the startrekking life he was promised. That is, until he finds himself at the center of a celebrity child kidnapping case. Seeing his chance to be a hero, Orson takes matters into his own hands...but will his actions only cause more heartbreak?"


Wolverine and the X-Men #1 Speaking of Jason Aaron (see above), he's launching a new X-Men book today as part of Marvel's split of their most famous team into two rival teams, one led by Wolverine and the other led by Cyclops. The latter team's adventures will be chronicled in the forthcoming, re-launched Uncanny X-Men. Aaron's Wolverine work has been astounding lately. Expect very good things from this book.

Comics With Video Game Connections (new this week in comics shops)

Gears of War #20 Official summary: "In part 2 of 'Dirty Little Secrets,' the Gears have taken refuge on the island of Vectes, where they must defend the local civilians from marauding bands of Stranded. Joining them are their old enemies, the fiercely independent Gorasni. Memories of old atrocities may lead these tentative allies to kill each other instead of their common foe."


Sonic The Hedgehog Legacy Vol. 1 Official summary: "Sonic: Legacy collects all of Sonic and the Freedom Fighter's early adventures in this massive anthology of twenty issues! Relive the thrills of the True Blue's early adventures as inspired by the hit videogames and cartoon series of the time. Recapture the magic of each hero and villain's first appearances, or introduce them to the next generation of Sonic fans! Sonic: Legacy collects Sonic the Hedgehog #0-3 of the original mini-series and Sonic the Hedgehog #1-16 of the ongoing series."


Sonic Universe #33 Official summary: "'Babylon Rising,' Part 1. The Babylon Rogues have been searching for their long-lost ancestral city of Babylon Garden. Now, deep in the forgotten ruins of the Gigan Mountains, they find their first solid lead! But will they survive to put their new-found knowledge to use? And what does the Battle Bird Armada have to say about all this? Don't miss the beginning of this thrilling saga written by legendary Sonic penciller Tracy Yardley."

And Over On The iPad/iPhone/Droid/WebBrowser…

The ComiXology Comics app and website offer a fresh batch of new and old digital comics this week on iOS, Droid and in web browsers. Highlights this week include the full eight issue run of Grant Morrison's Batman, Inc. series, the first seven of which are well worth your $2/comic and the first five issues of Marvel's old G.I. Joe, sold for a buck an issue.


And the best comic I read last week….

Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1-3 Over the weekend I caught up on writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sarah Pichelli's new Spider-Man new series on my iPad. Their new Spider-Man book is set in the Ultimate universe, the one where Marvel recently killed a young Peter Parker.


I was surprised to discover that this story is set before Parker's death, though, by issue three, they're close to catching up to it. We follow Miles Morales, a like-able kid who gets bitten by a radioactive spider. The similarities between him and Parker end there. He tries to be a hero almost immediately, but things go wrong. He worries he's a mutant and has to deal with an uncle who is a criminal and who got him into this mess.


The story is well-told and well-drawn. I'd lost interest in Bendis' Spider-Man stories many years ago. With this new book, I care again.

That's it for this week. Which new comics are you excited about this week?

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