Torchlight 2 Mac Port Hit 'Unexpected Complexities'

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A couple of readers have asked about Torchlight 2's much-delayed Mac port, so we reached out to developer Runic to see what's up. Here's their statement:

The official word as of right now is that we encountered unexpected complexities in porting Torchlight 2 to the Mac, simultaneous with our scramble to ramp up on our next project and get it moving forward. The Mac platform still poses some challenges for us as a company (as anyone who waited for the Mac port of Torchlight 1 can attest). As a result, while we are still pursuing it, we don't have a date or any real details to share on the Mac port of Torchlight 2 just yet. When we do have something to share, though, we'll do so as quickly as possible.



This has appalled me. I bought TL2 on Steam assuming it would be on Mac in 6 months to a year. The lack of community updates regarding it has ruined Runic's relationship with me. If they want my money for any future games it will need to have a Mac port on release.