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A Couple Of Games In The Giving Spirit

Illustration for article titled A Couple Of Games In The Giving Spirit

Reality Gap's got two games in the giving spirit on this Thanksgiving holiday. Log into either massively multiplayer role-playing game, Monato Esprit, or real time strategy/first person shooter hodgepodge, Battleswarm to get your goodies.


In proper MMORPG form, Monato Esprit offers up clothes to today's Turkey Day players. Users that log in before midnight on Sunday will score a spiffy pilgrim hat (+25% HP/MP while resting) and "Turkey Wings" (+50HP, +40 Movement, +25% HP/MP while resting).

Meanwhile, in Battleswarm where aliens and soldiers have no need of clothes, users that log in today will get something called a "Rhino Beetle." Sadly the nature of the game doesn't let players keep these items permanently (see our preview for details). But for three days, you'll have something that nobody else in the game does.


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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captain zach america

"nobody else in the game does"

except all the people who logged in that day to get it