Everyone remembers the ultrafantabulous do-want Portal Gun prop we showed you back in January. This weekend its creator, Harrison Krix, revealed future summa-cum-badass prop projects he's working on.

Among them:

• Life-sized Big Daddy from BioShock. "I realize this has been done before, but I think I can bring it to life in a more authentic and realistic way than has been displayed before."
• PipBoy3000 from Fallout 3, "with an integrated iPhone dock."
• Also a "Fat Man" nuke launcher from Fallout 3.


As for the gun itself, Krix confirms that its claws do not articulate (the whole thing is static), but he plans to retrofit it to play Portal sounds on command.

Harrison, who has made some Zelda props in the past, is also accepting commissions on his blog. In whatever free time he has left he rebuilds vintage cars.


There is cake! - Interview with Portal Gun Model Maker [Gamernator]