A "Concise" Guide To Metal Gear's Overblown Story

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Metal Gear's story is a mess. Hideo Kojima might make great stealth games, but boy, dude also needs an editor.


With Metal Gear Solid V (and its prequel) on the way, there might be people who have never played a Metal Gear game before wanting to get in on the action. Or veteran players who might be out of the loop and want to get back into things.

If that's you, then may God have mercy on your soul, because AudioRejectz's guide - while being as concise as it could probably be - is still some heavy reading.

Thankfully, it's also in bullet-point, chronological form, so you can also use it as a mid-game reference for all those "huh?" moments.

Know that there are some spoilers, but the big ones have been kept secret where possible.

Metal Gear - The complete story [Reddit]



Why does this trend of Japanese games having horrendous, overcomplicated plots exist? Like, most of the Japanese games I've played have horribly written stories (Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, any JRPG of the last 5 years come to mind).

Is something lost in translation? Do they just have much lower standards for storytelling? A different Japanese approach to story structure?

I'm genuinely curious. I love a lot of Japanese games dearly, but I also love good writing and would love to see the two come together more often.