A Completely Unbiased Look at the Races of Guild Wars 2

While pouring over Starfleet Dental's comprehensive guide to the races of Guild Wars 2, it helps to keep in mind that Humans were the only race available to play in the original game. So when they call the diminutive Asura an "anime abortion", it's nothing personal.

I am sure the creators of this infographic did not really mean that Charr were an attempt to appease losers who like cat people, or that Norns are just like humans only larger and more pointless.


And while the plantlike Sylvari are pretty stupid, it's all part of their charm so that's fine.

Okay, so Starfleet Dental is pretty racist. That's perfectly fine as long as the other races in question are works of fiction.

Grab the Full Image Here [Starfleet Dental — Thanks, Generic Bad Guy]

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