One giant, horrifically expensive space ship destroying another, while its crew erupts in gleeful laughter. Yep, that sure looks like EVE Online. Starting today, you can get the first issue of a new comic-book series based on the infamous sci-fi corporate warfare MMO for free.

Created by Daniel Way and Tomm Coker, EVE: True Stories draws its inspiration from the deeds of actual player endeavors, most notably the Band of Brothers campaigns. You can take a look at the first five pages of issue one below. Its fun to see how the comic nails the emotional arc of what it must be like to come upon new discoveries and enemy weaknesses in EVE, as well as the obstinate stances that spark off those massive multi-faction battles in CCP's hit MMO. There'll be three more issues of True Stories coming out bi-weekly from Dark Horse, with a hardcover scheduled for June.