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A Colleague Shares the Trauma of the Southern Tornadoes

Tiffany Nevin, news editor at (we've featured her work before) lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Her neighborhood and much of the rest of the American southeast has been mauled by tornadoes, claiming the lives of more than 200 people. Yesterday, another tornado ripped through her neighborhood. She shot this video an hour after it passed.


Nevin and the rest of her family are ok but are understandably shaken by the disaster. Her husband told the BBC: "It is an unsettling feeling to look out on a skyline you no longer recognize. I am glad that myself, my wife and our two cats survived harm. But I mourn the loss of life, feel sympathy for the injured and wish my city a speedy recovery."


We wish them and the rest of you out there affected by the disaster well. For those who wish to donate relief, contact the American Red Cross.

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Tornado's same shit different day/story. After you seen/watched/read about a few you've seen them all especially if you live in tornado alley

Now where are the video games in a slow day at work?