What do you do after founding and retiring from one of video games' most successful development houses? If you're Naughty Dog co-founder Andy Gavin, you write books.

The first of said books is The Darkening Dream, a shadowy fantasy novel about a young girl caught up in a battle that pits ancient supernatural forces like vampires and Egyptian gods against each other. On his personal website, Gavin notes the following reasons to pick up the book:

• It's only $2.99 - but the price might go up soon.

• You loved Crash Bandicoot.

• You loved Jak & Daxter.

• I was a great boss, friend, or co-worker.

• My vampires don't sparkle.

• There are several beheadings.

• The book includes a "cesarian by vampire scene."

At least one of those reasons should work for curious readers, no? Those who prefer print over the e-book edition will have to wait a few weeks for physical copies. Click the links below for more information on Gavin and The Darkening Dream.


The Darkening Dream

The Darkening Dream [Official Site]

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