A Closer Look At The Evangelion Race Queens' Costumes

In Japan, the term "race queen" is used to describe the stiletto-heel-wearing females who are used for race car promotions. They're like the booth babes of the racing world. And the Neon Evangelion racing team certainly has its own queens.

Kotaku previously gave a good look at the Neon Genesis Evangelion race car. The Corolla is painted after the Evangelion EVA-01 unit, and the driver's suits were modeled after the "plug suit" worn by Evangelion character Shinji Ikari.

And here is a better look at the team's race queens'...costumes, which are of Evangelion characters Rei and Asuka. One of the race queens is Noa Mizutani, who appeared in crime game Yakuza 4.

Evangelion Race Queens Rather Saucy [Sankaku Complex NSFW]


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