A Closer Look at Kirby's New 3DS Game

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Kirby's back! And he's looking... as good as he always does, really. It's Kirby!

Nintendo updated their official Japanese-language website with new stuff for the upcoming (and somewhat freshly announced) 3DS Kirby game, Triple Deluxe, in which you're on a quest to help Kirby's archenemy, the kidnapped King Dedede, inside his kingdom in the clouds.


Apart from story details, there's a whole bunch of artwork and screenshots you can check out on the website, along with a few new gameplay videos. Here's two of them!

Kirby Triple Deluxe arrives in Japan on January 11, and will come to the West at some other point in 2014.

Official Site (Japanese) [Nintendo]

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Which ability is this? This is the only one I don't recognize... Something new perhaps?