A Clawful Of Boobs

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As Jason Chen at sister site Gizmodo aptly points out, those are not onions. He should know! Dude loves onions.


Spotted at a Japanese arcade, this very retro looking crane game is packed with boobs. These palm-sized tension-reliever novelty items that have been available in Japan (and elsewhere) for some time. They're quite squishy and hard to grasp with one's hand, let alone a metal crane.

This is the first time we've seen them as a crane game prize and are adding it to our list of suggestive items we've found in crane machines: glow in the dark undies, handcuffs, porno DVDs. The list, like life, goes on and on.


Japanese Boob Claw Machine [Gizmodo]

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How is this not tagged as NSFW?

I've seen one of these machines before in yoyogi-uehara. I couldn't stop laughing for half an hour.