This is a caterpillar. Or should I say, a cat-erpillar. Heh heh.

You are looking at the Chinese Bush Brown butterfly in its caterpillar incarnation. It can be found throughout Asia—and more recently, throughout the continent's cyberspace.

Originally, these images were uploaded to animal website The Featured Creature; however, they've since spread to China, where the Hello Kitty comparison is delighting net users.


Online in China, the little green insect is being compared to Hello Kitty. However, in neighboring Japan, the caterpillar is being compared to the Japanese ASCII art for ( 'A`)or the net slang face for "mandokusee" (マンドクセー), which means "a pain in the ass to do" (面倒くさい or mendoukusai).

I kind of think it resembles the mandokusee face more than Hello Kitty. Either way, it's cute!


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