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A Card Game That'll Help You Freestyle Rap

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Vers is a card game designed to feed you words and context so that you—yes you, likely a person who in reality can not write rhymes—can create your own raps that do not suck.

It’s kind of like Cards Against Humanity, only in reverse: instead of giving you sentences with words missing, it’s giving you words and asking you to build the sentences that go around them.


Players split into two teams and battle each other using cards that look like this:


The card on the left gives you a topic, while the card on the right gives you three rhyming words that you can work into a verse. Here’s another example:

There are 400 cards included with the game. What I like about the design is that you’re essentially never going to get the same responses or rhymes, and that by providing the framework of a verse, you’re not relying on absolute imagination, which might be a stumbling block for people too shy to go nuts at parties

Jerry Spatch, Vers’ designer, says he was inspired to make a rap game that could be for everyone, not just people already into it.


“I was tired of people in university saying I shouldn’t rap because it was unprofessional”, he says. “Everywhere I went, when people heard about rap they’d think of a bunch of things that it wasn’t. So I made the game and it’s fun and silly and everyone can play it.”

Vers is looking for $10,000 on Kickstarter.