A Broken Back. Checking into the Hospital.

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Earlier this week, my mother-in-law visited our place to give my boys and me some Valentine's Day chocolate. When she was leaving with my father-in-law, she slipped and fell. She broke her back.


My mother-in-law is now in the hospital and will be for a good bit to come. She also suffered from internal bleeding. However, she should make a full recovery—it's just been rather scary for all during these past few days.

She, however, is in good spirits and has been putting in requests for reading material. She hasn't read 1Q84, so Mrs. Bashcraft is taking that to her tomorrow when she visits the hospital.


I'm very happy she's going to recover and was saddened to see her in so much pain. It's easy to forget how fragile we all are. We shouldn't.

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So . . . That's not the Orwell version?

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