2D fighting games are a very video game kinda thing, but where thereā€™s a will, thereā€™s a Way of the Fighter, an upcoming board game that tries to replicate the digital genre on a tabletop.

It looks like a pretty decent attempt at an adaptation. Thereā€™s a stage that players move back and forwards across, you can equip moves and skillsets onto characters, thereā€™s initiative and even the art is suitably fighting gamey.

Oh, and there are a lot of dice.

The game is currently up on Kickstarter, but if you really want to see how it all works (beyond the video below), you can download a prototype version of the game here, print it out and try it yourself.

UPDATE: If youā€™d like to take a look at some games like this that already exist, you can try BattleCON (or this fan-made Smash Bros. mod for it).