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A Board Game About Prison Gangs (And Yes, There Are Shivs)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Oleg Story is a board game about being in prison. You're not trying to get out of the place. Just get by. Maybe you'll be someone's special friend. Maybe you'll be a bully. Maybe you'll bully the bullies. Maybe you'll team up and just...I don't know, pump iron and get tattoos.

Each player controls a gang that's modelled after real-life prison gangs. So there are white supremacists, Mexican drug cartels, the know the stereotypes.


It sounds super interesting. Starting positions are determined at random, and each player is given tasks, which can "instruct you to invade a territory, avenge an attack, organise a fight or start a riot."

You can even trade cigarettes.

The game's currently up on Kickstarter, with the creators looking for £25,000.

The Oleg Story [Kickstarter]