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A Bicycle Built For Tools

Illustration for article titled A Bicycle Built For Tools

If you bike to work, you're familiar with the annoyance and strain of hauling a laptop-laden messenger bag or briefcase along with you. Which is why the Tato here might just be the urban warrior's new best friend.


The $1500 bike comes complete with an oversized slot integrated into the frame itself, allowing you to stash your wares comfortably beneath you. That is, as long as it's smaller than the alloted 16x13x4-inches of the "Central Storage System for Bikes," which is still a pretty generous amount of space. You also get front and back hydraulic disk-brakes, a rigid or suspension fork, and (sadly, messily) an exposed chain.

The frame adds weight? Sure, that's an issue. But I'll trade a little weight for less hassle any time. [Tato via Oh Gizmo via Wired]

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Backpacks, carrying your shit on your back for years.