Look, I know if there was a list of the top 100 toughest bosses in video gaming, Minish Cap's Vaati wouldn't make the cut. There are NES games, or games that end in "Souls", that are way harder than any handheld adventure Nintendo has ever conjured for Link.

But for me, for some reason, I could just never beat the guy. I'm not quite sure what it was, but my suspicion has long been that the very attacks and transformations he undergoes just happened to be, by some unhappy coincidence, my most vulnerable weaknesses in terms of timing, or preparedness, or whatever.

End of the day, I only just beat the guy for the first time, like, last year, when I fired up my Game Boy Micro and found Minish Cap sitting in it, game saved right before the final encounter. I'd tried, and failed, on countless occassions to beat him when I was actually playing the game, but looping back around years later and starting cold? Wiped him out.

Funny how games work that way. Funny and cruel.

Vaati [Alex Draws]