A Beary Atlus Christmas Card

Atlus steers away from their regular mascot Jack Frost this year in order to make way for the new face of Christmas cards, Persona 4's Teddie.

While not quite as spectacular as last year's Atlus holiday greeting card, this year's offering makes up for it in form factor and sheer marketing value. The inside of the card, which can be seen below, features signatures from the whole Atlus USA team, along with the groan-inducing greeting, "Beary Happy Holidays from the Atlus Family." Did you guys really have to go there? The grizzly pun was the polar opposite of what I expected. That was really quite unbearable. I can't bear it! I thought you guys prided yourselves on high koala-ty! It was so overbearing! Why didn't you send one to Adam Bear-enblat?


There, I'm done.

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