While tooling about the web lately you may have come across an advert for a Free Online Batman Game (pictured). Don't get too excited, however. There is a DC MMO in development but a) it's not ready yet b) while it will feature the Bat it is in no way an 'Online Batman Game' and c) it sure as hell won't be free. No, as the Facetime Labs Security Blog has uncovered, this looks like an attempt by (possibly someone acting on behalf of) Adware developer Zango to lure hapless gamers into downloading their search toolbar.Following the link takes you to the anonymously registered (and currently down) website Batmangame.info featuring screengrabs from 2005's Batman Begins tie-in and the following message: "To download and play the Batman Online Game you must download and install Zango as well. It is free, very easy to install and will give you access to the full game." Tellingly, the site seems remarkably light on DC or Warner Bros copyright info. Zango And The Batman Online Videogame [Factime Labs via TechDirt]