A 3D Twist On 2D Street Fighters

Armed with screenshots of Street Fighter 3 and Alpha, an iPad, and a copy of his HoloToy app, Kode80 created something wonderful.

While I own a copy of Kode80's HoloToy app for the iPad, I've never been quite sure what to do with it. Leave it to the creator of the application to show us how it's done in a way that touches the hearts of Street Fighter fans everywhere.


Not only does the video show off amazing scenes of Street Fighter combat brought to eye-popping life, it also goes on to show us how it's done, using skills I'll probably never be able to replicate myself. I have faith in you folks though. I know you can do it.

A 3D Look into the 2D World of Street Fighter [Shoryuken - Thanks Adam!]

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