A 3D Sonic The Hedgehog That Could Make Every Fan Happy

Take the 2D classic, keep the flat sprites for heroes and enemies and make the stage itself 3D. Toss in a few flashy camera tricks, and you’ve got a 3D Sonic concept anyone could love.


Now it’s only a short video demo from the folks at pipocaVFX, not a real game, but the whole Paper Sonic idea is pretty brilliant. I’m sure its been done before, but never with so much class.

It’s a nifty way to preserve the integrity of the original experience while providing the extra flair the kids love so much these days.

Now every time I play the first Sonic the Hedgehog I’ll be tilting my head about, willing camera angle changes that will never come. Eventually I’ll turn to drugs, and let them play a bit while I go get a sandwich.


Man, watching old sonic gameplay really reminds me why I didn’t really like it. (aside from Sonic and Knuckles) it really is “Hold run and speed up until you either get hit and lose all of your coins or a platform stops you.” Not to mention the game really didn’t have speed. All of the loops and fast parts you sit and watch until you get to the end. While back in the day the character sonic was awesome. Mario is just leagues above him in all respects of 2d and 3d platforming.