A $260 Loss Per PS3 For Sony?

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According to some number-crunching by the Guardian, Sony might actually be losing more money per PlayStation 3 sold than its figures show.


A look at Sony's recently-announced financials show a significantly improved condition for the company's PlayStation business year over year. Sony's game division lost $1.2 billion on the year - last year, though, that number was over $2 billion.


So the company's clearly closing an internal gap. Its own figures, however, seem to show $130 lost on each PS3 it ships. The Guardian, however, points to the profitability of the PSP and continuing strength of the PlayStation 2 to paint a different picture. From its article:

"On Sony's own figures, the games division made a loss of $130 for each PlayStation 3 shipped. Let's assume that it's making pots of money on the PSP and the PlayStation 2: the PS2 is now hugely profitable and still sells more games than anything else. These two platforms could easily have made a profit of $1.2bn in the year. In that case, the total PS3 loss would have been $2.4bn shared between 9.24m PS3 consoles, or $260 per PS3 — including any attached Sony games."

Is Sony losing $260 on every PS3 it ships? [The Guardian]

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Darth Tigris

..... b-b-b-but a bunch of Sony extremist kept telling us over and over that the PS3 has been breaking even for months.

Seriously, we don't know how much these systems cost and who's losing what or what position any of these companies are in to do a price drop. Its BEYOND us, folks. All we have are these sales and revenue numbers. Sony is currently still in the red with the PS3. That's all.