Quickly becoming the standard for free-to-play PC games, Founders' packs give players a chance to forego post-launch nickle-and-dime content into one massive down payment. What does $100 get you in the DC Comics take on League of Legends?

For starters (pun mildly intended), anyone that buys one of the three Founders' packs — basic, standard, and elite — will score immediate access to the game's closed beta, so they'll know right away if they made a sound investment. Each pack also offers early access to the game's Coast City map, which is fine, as Coast City is full of elitist jerks anyway.


Basic founders will pay $19.99 for those things, along with three champion unlocks, a bronze forum badge, and 800 Crisis Coins. Those coins are a $10 value, which would suggest the game's currency runs on the old Xbox Live conversion rate.

Standard founders pay $50, score a silver badge, six champion unlocks, and 3,200 Crisis Coins. All that, plus a special Renaissance: Gaslight Batman costume.

And then there's Elite, the top tier. For $100, Elite players shall receive a gold badge, 12 champions, the Gaslight Batman costume, an Arkham City Batman costume, early access to the upcoming Gotham Divided map and 8.600 coins, good for purchasing anything the pack doesn't cover.


Speaking of not covering, I've been tip-toeing around Infinite Crisis for ages now, because it doesn't feel like a very fitting use of the license, and I think we've got plenty of MOBA games as it is. I used to think any genre would be better with Batman, but now I'm not so sure.

Surely someone out there is excited though, right?