9 Games About Ghosts You Can Play For Free

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Ghosts! They're cute and spooky and a little bit dead. And now here are a bunch of free games you can play about them.


The group Devchat had a game jam recently and the theme was g-g-g-g-ghosts. More specifically "ghost wheel?". The games were all made in a 48-hours span.


Take Space Invaders, and make it about a dilapidated ferris wheel in a haunted amusement park — the kind that Shaggy and Scooby Doo would wander into. The Gameboy color palate on this game looks great. Developed by Tilman Schmidt.

A Ghost Porno Page by Page

In this tiny game, you're a ghost reading smut on an iPhone by candlelight. It's very short, but the design and music are both very charming. Make sure no ghosts catch you playing this one. Developed by Takorii and mc hepher.


Everyday Ghosts

Everyday ghosts is a short adventure game where you wander around a junkyard and talk to all the ghosts while your friend rummages around for trash. There's mention of loot, and some very glib ghosts with varying bits of self awareness. This one is a real standout, and the art style is fantastic. Developed by Implodingoracle and DannyG1888.


A Walk In The Rain

There's not a whole lot to do in A Walk In The Rain aside from what's in the title. That's fine though — it's a very soothing way to relax for five minutes before playing something else. Are you a ghost? Is this heaven? It doesn't matter, just walk around, get rained on and be dead or something. Developed by Tom Kail.



Invasion is like a weird anti-Pacman. You play a chubby ghost with a gun, a beanie and cool sunglasses. Don't mess with him, man. He'll shoot ya. Developed by FatalSleep, Anthony Swinnich and Retrostark.



Finally, a game where I get to mess with children. In Ghost, you scare kids by flicking off the lights. Make sure you don't wander into the light, because ghosts are afraid of light. Developed by Hugs_and_Fire and nxTOS.



In prowl you're in the back of a spooky car while spooky Jazz plays and it's raining. Nobody is driving the car, and the music warbles really uncomfortably like you're on Moonside in Earthbound. It never ends. *desperately claws at the door handle in a panic* Developed by Nate Gallardo and DannyG1888.


Music For Decay

This is my favorite of the bunch. It's an isometric game where you avoid pits by moving left and right or phasing on an infinite road. They also have this really intense C64ish music pumping in the background that gives the game a real punch. Developed by Folmer Kelly and IsYourGuy.


Spooky Ghost Wheel Town

This game might have the best name of anything I've heard in the last year or so. In it, you play a skeleton that has to jump on ghosts to steal their sweet ghost bux, while lonesome music plays in the background. It's very charming, and actually a little tricky to beat. Developed by Rubna.


Go to Devchat's itch.io link to download the whole pack. If you like any of the games, show the people who made 'em some love. They also made a cool poster celebrating the game jam, check it out:

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Devchat via Indiestatik

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