The third Twilight film, Eclipse, opens tomorrow, but you can save yourself two hours and $10 by checking out the more satisfying 8-Bit Twilight Eclipse Interactive YouTube game instead.

Created by Benny and Rafi Fine with animation by Doc Octoroc, the 8-Bit Twilight Eclipse Interactive YouTube game uses a series of clips and YouTube annotations to guide you through the story of Bella, Edward, and Jacob's ultimate showdown with that evil red-haired girl from the first movie, now played by Ron Howard's daughter.


Not that I've been paying attention.

It's an entertaining romp that pokes fun at some of the more hilarious aspects of the Twilight Saga, including...well, just about everything.

I'd love to see this turned into a real 8-bit game. My only complaint is that every vote for Team Jacob ends with a game over screen. Not fair!

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