8-Bit Survival Game Is a Beautiful Journey Through Nature

That scene almost makes you forget how the game is actually about the world ending in an infinite winter.


This is Echo of the Wilds. Apart from making a strong argument for the legitimacy of pixel art-based graphics for games made in the twenty-first century, on the surface, it focuses on surviving, resource gathering, and exploration in the wilderness. The really, really good-looking (and randomized!) wilderness. Look:

As you can see, there's quite a bit of mystery thrown in there for good measure.

There's a demo over at the game's website, where you can also buy the full version—or, if you're looking to support the developer in another way, there's a newly-created Greenlight project to vote on.

Echo of the Wilds [Steam Greenlight]

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Bring Back Duckman!

8Bit has limitations, in colors and how many sprites you can have on screen. I have seen very little developers use the 8 bit model correctly, and my best example is Retro Game Challenge on the DS. This is more reminiscent of those old computer games from the early 90s. It is beautiful nonetheless.