79 Words You Might Be Mispronouncing, From 'GIF' to 'Zooey Deschanel'

At first, I was sure I'd know the correct pronunciation for all 79 of the words Mental Floss' John Green lays out in this video. But I gotta admit, once he got past the halfway point, he started getting to a few that I regularly mess up.

"Triathlon," and "Etcetera" are among my mispronounced words. (I remember a commenter correcting me in a video when I pronounced it Exetera. I'm only human!)


Other notes: In Indiana, they really do pronounce "Versailles" as "Ver-Sails." And speaking of French words, it's so nice to hear the correct pronunciation of crepe! In San Francisco there's a chain called "Crepevine," and it makes me go crazy every time I see their sign. "The pun doesn't work if you pronounce it correctly, guys!" I want to scream, but never do.

Also, after watching this video, I know what a Sitzpinkler is. Check that one off the list.

Everyone doing well? Excited for the weekend? It's been foggy as hell in SF the last few weeks and awfully depressing. Here's hoping the sun comes out soon. Talk words, pronunciations, games, or anything else, here or over at TAY.

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