70s Alien Abduction Mystery Is Inspired By The X-Files

To Azimuth is an "alien abduction mystery" set in Alabama, circa 1978. You play both characters of a sister-and-brother team looking into the disappearance of their brother, and work your way through a story that's heavily inspired by stuff like The X-Files.

What I'm liking the looks of, though, is the detail in their recreation of 70s America. The mundane, small things that might be sitting in a bedroom, or adorning a kitchen wall...they're inconsequential dressing for most games, but in this case they're helping bring the location to life.


That choice of setting isn't random, either.

Setting the game in Alabama was a decision made due to personal ties to the region and a complicated relationship with Alabama in particular. The era was chosen primarily due to a certain affinity for 1970's sci-fi, but also because of the social backdrop that the time period provides. 1978 finds Alabama fourteen years removed from the Civil Rights Act but still in turmoil regarding its history and its place in a world quickly becoming more connected, creating a tension that factors into and informs the game's narrative.

To Azimuth is currently up on Kickstarter. (via Indiegames)


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