7 New Xbox 360 Bundles For Europe

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Xboxygen have published details of seven Xbox 360 bumper bundles due out in Europe before Christmas - four new ones to complement the Indiana Jones/Sega Tennis packs we posted earlier. The original post is en francais but NeoGaf forum members have helpfully knocked out a translation (although 'Lego Indiana Jones' and 'James Bond' are apparently the same in both languages so it can't have taken them long). Tomb Raider Underworld and Gears 2 also get a look-in. We assume the 'Bond' pack is Quantum of Solace unless those GoldenEye 64 XBLA rumors were true. Full details after the jump.17/10/2008 -X360 VALUE PACK ELITE 120 Go ( Lego Indiana Jones/KungFu Panda) - 299.00 Euros -X360 VALUE PACK PRO 60 Go (Lego Indiana Jones/KungFu Panda) - 239.00 Euros -X360 VALUE PACK ARCADE (Sega Superstar Tennis + XBLA games) - 179.00 Euros 07/11/2008 -PACK X360 60 Go + Gears of War 2 - 269.00 Euros -PACK X360 60 Go + James Bond - 269.00 Euros 21/11/2008 -PACK X360 60 Go + Tomb Raider + 1200 MS Points - 269.00 Euros 12/12/2008 -PACK X360 60 Go + Prince of Persia - 269.00 Euros Tous les packs Xbox 360 de Noël annoncés [Xboxygen via NeoGaf]


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oh great, the only bundle with the elite version is with lego indy (not too bad, but i could borrow it from a friend if i wanted to play it) and KungFu Panda