Welcome to the Best of Kotaku, where I round up all of this week's best content.

Up above is some poster artwork Nick Stokes worked on for his brother Gabe's 16th birthday. Awww how sweet. They came out great, Nick. Thanks to Svalts for the find.

Now let's move on to reading this week's best content, courtesy of us.

Leaked Star Wars Game Is 'Predecessor' To Battlefront III, Source Says

Jason Schreier reveals Star Wars: First Assault, an unannounced FPS Xbox Live Arcade game. More »

Tomb Raider Gets Better After You've Beaten It

Evan Narcisse explains why the second playthrough is the best playthrough. More »

Five Things That Make For A Good Power Weapon

Patricia Hernandez debuts her new The Multiplayer column with a discussion of super-powered weapons. More »

More Leaked Screenshots From Star Wars: First Assault Show A Glorious Cloud City

Jason has more screenshots. More »

The Hardcore Horror Flick That Turns Up In Tomb Raider

Kirk draws some comparisons. More »

SimCity Needs An 'Undo' Button

Kirk wants an extra feature. More »

My SimCity City Thrived Offline For 19 Minutes

Stephen experiments with pulling the connection from SimCity. More »

God of War Ascension: The Kotaku Review

Stephen prefers God of War Ascension's latter half. More »

If Video Games Are Going to Grow Up, Then the Bullying Needs to Stop

Cliff Bleszinski speaks up against Internet bullies and trolls. More »

Dead Space 3: Awakened: The Kotaku Review

Tina Amini (hi) finds the creepiness she was looking for in this DLC. More »

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: The Kotaku Review

Mike Fahey cries like a baby. More »

I'm Commander Shepard And These Are My Favorite Gags From Mass Effect 3: Citadel

Kirk rounds up his favorite jokes and gags from the latest Mass Effect 3 DLC, Citadel. More »

The New Tomb Raider Saved This Teenager's Life

Patricia tells us a touching story of empowerment in the face of abuse. More »

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm: The Kotaku Review

Jason really likes this latest expansion, even including all its cheesiness. More »

Leaked Footage Of Star Wars' Newest Take On Battlefield And Call of Duty

Jason has some footage for us this time. More »

Why SimCity Needs Subways

Chris Person makes a case for a subway system in SimCity. More »

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Sure Is A Game About Being A Sniper

Kirk gives his first impressions of playing as a sniper before submitting his full review. More »

Rumor: A New Video Shows SimCity's Debug Mode, Which Allegedly Has Almost Unlimited Offline Play

András Neltz tells us how to play SimCity completely offline. More »

Lego City Undercover: The Kotaku Review

Stephen explores his childhood fantasies in the vast playground that is Lego City Undercover. More »

How To Balance Video Games With Real Life

Tina shares some tips on how to manage your time as it becomes increasingly difficult to make room for gaming as we get older. More »

Kingdom Hearts Needs More Scrooge McDuck

Richard Eisenbeis explains what's so special about Scrooge. More »

Creating a Video Game With Nintendo Sounds Stressful, Amazing and Unreal

Stephen has a fascinating interview with the people that made Luigi's Mansion about what it's like to work with Nintendo to make a game together. More »

Tomb Raider vs. Uncharted: The Comparison We Had To Make

Kirk and Patricia compare Tomb Raider and Uncharted. More »

Turn-Based Combat Is The Best Kind Of Combat

Kirk lists the benefits of turn-based combat in JRPGs. More »