A new Wii U downloadable app now allows 3DS Monster Hunter 3G players to enjoy co-op play over the internet.

The Nintendo 3DS Monster Hunter 3G Packet Relay Tool is a free application available on the Japanese Nintendo eShop that basically turns a Wii U into a network router. By pairing a 3DS with the Wii U, players can enjoy network play with up to three of their friends over the internet.

The Packet Relay Tool does have the following restrictions:

-A Wii U is required.

-The Wii U must have a wired internet connection.

-Only 1 3DS can be paired.

-The app does not appear to state otherwise, but supposedly it will only work with Monster Hunter 3G and not with other games.


While this new application is a welcome feature for many Monster Hunter 3G players out there, Sony's version, Adhoc Party for the PS3/PSP/PS Vita has been around for over 2 years now (4 if you count the beta period) and works for all adhoc mode games. Basically what I'm saying is: Hurry up and give us a Vita version Monster Hunter!

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