Oh look, it's Minecraft Pocket Edition at the top of the Android paid game charts, recovered from last week' brief bout of Ruzzle fever. There's not a single new game on the Android top paid charts, just the usual suspects shuffling about. Mosquitoes are starting to breed in it.

The free chart isn't much better. There are a few games on there that weren't around last week, but they're more older games experiencing a resurgence of popularity, instead of some hot new thing. It's depressing.

There are new games coming out for Android. I play them every week. It's just so hard to find them that the rush of new Android users grab for the games they know aboutβ€”Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Temple Runβ€”and the newer titles get a pass.

You know what would be nice? A new releases section on Google Play. I realize sorting games by release date is incredibly difficult, but I'm sure they've got someone at Google with the tech savvy to make it happen.

Top Paid Android Games β€” 2/13/2013

RankGameLast WeekChange
1.Minecraft Pocket Edition2+1
3.Where's My Water?30
4.Grand Theft Auto III40
5.Draw Something10+5
6.Where's My Perry?60
7.Fruit Ninja70
8.Need for Speed Most Wanted5-3
9.Cut the Rope8-1
10.Angry Birds Space9-1


Top Free Android Games β€” 2/13/2013

RankGameLast WeekChange
1.Temple Run 210
2.Subway Surfers4+2
3.Ruzzle Free30
4.Candy Crush Saga5+1
5.Fruit Ninja Free7+2
6.Angry BirdsN/AN/A
7.Zombie Smasher6-1
8.Words with FriendsN/AN/A
9.Temple Run90
10.Angry Birds Star Wars100