This Week's Android Charts: Google Play Could Really Use a 'New Release' Section

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Oh look, it's Minecraft Pocket Edition at the top of the Android paid game charts, recovered from last week' brief bout of Ruzzle fever. There's not a single new game on the Android top paid charts, just the usual suspects shuffling about. Mosquitoes are starting to breed in it.


The free chart isn't much better. There are a few games on there that weren't around last week, but they're more older games experiencing a resurgence of popularity, instead of some hot new thing. It's depressing.

There are new games coming out for Android. I play them every week. It's just so hard to find them that the rush of new Android users grab for the games they know about—Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Temple Run—and the newer titles get a pass.


You know what would be nice? A new releases section on Google Play. I realize sorting games by release date is incredibly difficult, but I'm sure they've got someone at Google with the tech savvy to make it happen.

Top Paid Android Games — 2/13/2013

Top Free Android Games — 2/13/2013

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You can sort by Top New Paid and Top New Free. The default sort is Featured. Isn't that showing you new releases?