This weekend, we reported that some players took umbrage with Tiny Tina, a character from Borderlands 2 and how she used "black lingo." Gearbox was receptive to these players, listening to their concerns and even offering to change the character in future updates should they be convinced that Tina's dialogue was racist.

Mike Sacco, a creative developer with the World of Warcraft trading card game, was one of the players involved in the dispute. Today, he tweeted that he no longer works at Cryptozoic, where he was previously a contractor.

The reasons why are not clear.

I reached out to Sacco for comment, but he said he cannot legally say anything on the matter. I've also contacted Cryptozoic, and will update this story if I hear back from them.

UPDATE: Cryptozoic responds as follows:

To clarify, Mike Sacco was never an employee of Cryptozoic Entertainment. He was a contractor.

We asked him not represent himself as an employee of Cryptozoic. After the message was delivered, Mike quit. We like Mike and we are as surprised by his reaction as you are.

UPDATE 2: Mike's original tweet has been deleted, though you can still see what he said. He offers the following reason for the deletion:

UPDATE 3: Sacco on his contract:

Image Credit: The Crimson Hammer