Flipping through the Hyrule Historia book (which you can finally get in English) makes you realize that Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series isn't just a bunch of games. It's a mythology, one filled with personas that change their shapes, personalities and abilities in each new telling.

Anyone who's been a die-hard Zelda fan has had questions pop up while playing the games: Why did Link's shield change size? How long has the idea of an adult Link been floating around? Is he taller than Luigi? The extremely pretty tome dedicated to the ins and outs of Nintendo's iconic adventure franchise—which comes out tomorrow—reveals answers to some of those burning questions. And those answers come in the form of rarely seen and cool-looking concept art pulled from Majora's Mask, Wind Waker and other Zelda titles.


You can see how the different creative teams who have crafted Zelda games over the decades try to shape their own visions of Link, Zelda and the secondary characters who appear over and over in the series. Click through the images pick an odd fact or two to see how The Legend of Zelda has simultaneously morphed and stayed the same for the last 25 years.