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The Hierarchy of Video Game Haters

Tim Rogers classifies all sorts of video gamers on a food chain-like scale. More »

Science Explains Why We'll Probably Never Be Able To Respawn in Real Life

Ivan Marin explains the science behind digital reconstruction from human DNA, and how we probably won't be seeing that any time soon. More »

The Cave: The Kotaku Review

Tina Amini (hi) likes replaying The Cave over and over again to spot the subtle differences each new character makes. More »

Twelve Things You Should Know About The Stellar, Stunning Ni no Kuni

Jason Schreier gives us 12 reasons he's loving Ni no Kuni so far. More »

Quantic Dream's Tantalizing 'PS4' Project, XSeed's Surprise Killer Game and Other Secrets

Superannuation is back to amaze us with some video game rumors and secrets, including some about Sony's next generation console. More »

The Most Important Decision You'll Ever Face Playing Ni No Kuni

Luke explains the importance of language selection in a Japanese game. More »

The PlayStation 4 Has A New Controller, Fancy User Accounts And Impressive Specs (So Far)

Luke shares a ton of interesting details about Sony's next console (and its controller!), codenamed Orbis. More »

These Pictures Were Drawn Using A Human Eyeball. Incredible.

Luke shares illustrations from Francis Tsai, a concept artist who struggles with Lou Gehrig's Disease. More »

Five Things The Wind Waker Remake Needs To Make Me Buy It All Over Again

Luke shares five things he wants to see in the Wind Waker HD remake. More »

A History Of THQ, 1989-2013

In the sad wake of THQ's dismembering, Luke recalls the company's long history. More »

My Weekend At A Furry Convention

Patricia Hernandez shares some fascinating stories from his first weekend trip to a furry convention. More »

Noobz: The Kotaku Review

Matt Hawkins is not a fan of this movie that centers on a Gears of War tournament. More »

My Day With The New SimCity

Kirk Hamilton shares his experiences with the new SimCity in a journal entry style. More »

The Sad, Final Days Of THQ

Jason shares some sad, final stories from the people who worked at THQ. More »

Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem Could Totally Be A Dress-Up Sim (And Other Wild Theories)

Jason has fun with speculating ideas of what this crazy crossover could be. More »

Science Isn't Sure Yet If Gaming Addiction Is A Real Mental Disorder

Phil Owens explains the slow struggle of getting gaming addiction recognized in medical books. More »

Kotaku Editor-in-Chief Here. Got Any Questions?

Stephen Totilo answers your questions live, and explains that yes, Kotaku is a news and opinion site about video games and the culture around them. More »

Here's Your First Look Inside The Glorious Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia Collector's Edition

Evan Narcisse shows us video and scans of what's inside this collector's edition. More »