The recent launch of Path Of Exile's open beta—a new hack & slash action RPG known especially for its enormous skill tree, as you can see in the pic above—inspired us to collect some of the best looking skill and research trees spanning a variety of genres. It's interesting to see how creatively devs can handle this part of a game.

The Sphere Grid Of Final Fantasy X

source: Zenon1320's gameplay video

The Skill Tree In Hawken

source: Hawken Forums

The Passive Skill Tree In Path Of Exile


The Technology Trees In The Civilization Series

source: Civfanatics

The Skill Tree In Borderlands 2


The Research Tree In Ascendancy

source: Ascendancy Manual

The Heron, The Shark And The Spider In Far Cry 3

source: own screenshot

The Character Abilities Screen In The Witcher 2

source: The Witcher Wiki

The Skill Tree In Dead Island

source: Gerald Hopkins' gameplay

The Talent Tree In Star Wars: The Old Republic

source: Biowarefans

Make sure to submit your own picks in the comments below, with visual support.