It's been a good run, but this is it: our final collection of worthwhile mobile games and Gaming Apps of the Day of the year. If this were a television show I'd cut to a montage right about now.

Yep, still not a television show. Instead I'm stuck telling you about the games I've played this week that I didn't get a chance to write about this week. The games I would have written about had it not been for sick children and holiday madness. The Sector 11s and the Ronins, battling bears and sushi chef action heroes.


I'm looking forward to a new dawn of mobile gaming around the corner in 2013. Until then, here are the games you should huddle around for warmth while waiting for the sun to rise.


Sushi Hero

A pungent combination of running and slicing live fish.

Roller Rally: Snake Pass

It's a roller-skate racing game featuring a stuffed rabbit wearing a rainbow scarf. Of course I played this.


Another auto-running and slicing game, only this one has sharp, stylish graphics and a nice bit of challenge to it.


Battle Bears Royale (also on iOS)

A competitive online shooter with colorful cartoon bears. I'm actually rather good at this. How odd.

Rocket Island

A hex-based puzzle game with a steampunk vibe. Normally not a fan of steampunk, but the gameplay is simple and compelling enough for me to overlook it.

Sector 11

Crafted by Ian Umemoto, otherwise known as Yume Apps, Sector 11 is a shoot-em up split up into more than 70 mini-levels. It lacks polish, but it's not too shabby for a one-man indie effort.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery (also on iOS)

One of the greatest games for the iPad and PC is now on Android devices. I mentioned it earlier today, but in case you missed it I am mentioning it again.

Gaming Apps of the Day, December 24 - 28, 2012

It May Be Expensive, But It's Still Final Fantasy IV

While not the best Final Fantasy game of all-time (in my reality that's IX), Final Fantasy IV was one of the first role-playing games to feature a deep, character-driven plot and introduced the world to the Active Time Battle system, adding an element of urgency to pressing one button over and over again. That's at least $16 worth of value right there. More »

Finger Tied Is Like a Game of Naked Twister You Play With Your Hand

People who bitch about touchscreen games like to complain that "they're so simple." Those people need to shut up and play Finger Tied. More »

Take Over the World One RPG Dungeon at a Time

Every corner of this dirty little ball we live on has been mapped and uploaded to the internet. Now it's time to play with it. Life is Magic gives players the chance to team up and take over a fantasy version of the real world, one city at a time. More »

You're* Pen is a Mighty Sword in The Grading Game

If your like me, you hate being corrected. Readers know how fast I loose my temper when mistake's are pointed out. Its not that I think I'm always right, I just hate someone telling me when I'm wrong. More »

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