Those poor Mayans. All this time we've been pointing to their broken calendar with anxiety and dream, when we really should have been pointing at completely plausible alien-based religion created by a science fiction author. Do you think there'll be Tom Cruise? Oh yeah, there'll be Tom Cruise.

In Pocket God Episode 47: Apocalypse the final room of the Apocalypse Temple opens to the poor pygmies populating the tortured lands, revealing something more horrifying than anything that's come before it—calamari. I guess that's supposed to be the alien god Xenu, but man he looks like he'd be delicious fried with a little tartar sauce.


Can the pygmies halt the apocalypse? Well sure, I suppose so. Maybe there are some magical gems lurking about that could lend a hand. Or maybe they're just screwed. Grab the game on iTunes and find out!

Thanks to the Bolt Creative folks for choosing the long-gone band Headboard to provide the music for this trailer. I used to listen to them like crazy back in the day. I was pretty stupid back then.