Master Chief said it with cake when Halo 4 launched, though what exactly it says when he's carving into his own noggin, I have no idea. That's where our 'Shop artists were supposed to supply a translation. We've got all the finalists above, plus overall No. 1 sciteach.

GiantBoyDetective (3) had the best of the inevitable "Master Chef" puns. halfbeast (4) should have filed this one in this contest a month ago but I'll allow it. Shaows (7) crashes the party with the Helghast. sktwentysix (8) lands a cake-ality.

Musica (5) puts Master Chief to work, because "water the fence" evidently is on Cortana's honey-do list. Brandon0151 (2) comes up with a nice role reversal, but I like sciteach's better. I can hear Cortana singing a breathy "Happy Birthday" to Chief already.


Thanks to everyone who entered. We'll have another contest tomorrow, and I'm sure you'll find it timely.