Last week I debuted the new and improved iPad gaming app charts, delivering the top free and paid apps in a relatively easy-to-read format. This week He-Man shows up and kicks the entries all over the place.

Dear iPad gamers, the charts are not very dynamic if you keep loading new games onto them. I am looking for chart movements, the negatives, the positives—new games just get an "N/A". That's no fun at all.

So stick with this week's two top tens and just recommend them in varying amounts. Help me build a better tomorrow.

Top Paid iPad Games - 10/26/2012

1. He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe
Last Week's Position: N/A

No one takes He-Man seriously, but everybody loves him. He's kinda like me in high school, only everybody loves him.

He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe on iTunes

2. Bad Piggies
Last Week's Position: 1 (-1)

Only Prince Adam had the power to defeat the Bad Piggies.

Bad Piggies on iTunes

3. Plants Vs. Zombies HD
Last Week's Position: N/A

Halloween brings out the freaks, doesn't it?

Plants Vs. Zombies HD on iTunes

4. Sonic Jump
Last Week's Position: 2 (-2)

Sonic is so good at jumping he can even jump backwards!

Sonic Jump on iTunes

5. Minecraft Pocket Edition
Last Week's Position: 4 (-1)

Oh wait, this is that Mojingy thing, isn't it?

Minecraft Pocket Edition on iTunes

6. The Room
Last Week's Position: N/A

What's in the box? WHAT'S IN THE BOX!?

The Room on iTunes

7. Angry Birds Seasons HD
Last Week's Position: N/A

I've a feeling this sort of thing happens a lot during holidays.

Angry Birds Seasons HD on iTunes

8. Angry Birds Space HD
Last Week's Position: 7 (-1)

Hoisted by its own seasonal petard!

Angry Birds Space HD on iTunes

9. True Skate
Last Week's Position: 6 (-3)

Touch-skateboard is not a crime. It's also not long for this chart.

True Skate on iTunes

10. Plague, Inc.
Last Week's Position: N/A

Spreading from the iPhone charts to the iPad charts, as plagues do.

Plague, Inc. on iTunes

As always, now comes the time on Sprockets when we dance while checking out the free side of the iPad gaming app charts.

Top Free iPad Games - 10/26/2012

1. Contract Killer 2
Last Week's Position: N/A

Finally a game that hit the Windows Phone charts before the iPad! Oh wait, that was the first Contract Killer. Nevermind.

Contract Killer 2 on iTunes

2. Zombiewood
Last Week's Position: N/A

Hooray for Zombiewood, the best wood of them all!

Zombiewood on iTunes

3. Punch Quest
Last Week's Position: N/A

It's almost the free version of He-Man, though possibly better.

Punch Quest on iTunes

4. Found: A Hidden Object Adventure HD
Last Week's Position: N/A

Wow, this looks a lot like a Lost game, only... ohhhhhh. Oh you guys.

Found: A Hidden Object Adventure HD on iTunes

5. Mirrors of Albion HD
Last Week's Position: N/A

An absolutely delightful hidden object mix of Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland. More on this later.

Mirrors of Albion HD on iTunes

6. Pilot!
Last Week's Position: 2 (-4)

The exclamation point doesn't help Pilot! stay aloft this week.

Pilot! on iTunes

7. Monster Quest
Last Week's Position: 4 (-3)

Nothing like a slew of new games eating up the top spots to make the number next to your game name seem less impressive.

Monster Quest on iTunes

1. The Price is Right Slots
Last Week's Position: 1 (-7)

And then everyone realized how not The Price is Right this really was.

The Price is Right Slots on iTunes

9. Letterpress
Last Week's Position: N/A

A new and exciting sort of word game, with an element of board domination.

Letterpress on iTunes

10. Gizmonauts
Last Week's Position: N/A

A robot breeding game I shall rant about later today. It's going to be the death of me.


Let us revisit this chart in one week hence, to see where fortune carries us. Forsooth and stuff!