It's not easy to make themed cakes. Spend any time online, and you'll quickly become jaded from seeing all the amazing desserts. But don't be!

Chinese site has a funny story about someone who decided to buy a cute panda cake online. The result was horrific (you can see it in the above gallery). Others shared awful looking cakes that had been purchased online—truly awful looking ones.


Of course, there are many Chinese bakeries with elaborate and amazing cakes! It just seems that there are some unscrupulous online bakers who are doing the old switcheroo—with unintentionally hilarious results.

The promised Charmander cake, for example, seemed pretty darn cool—and imaginative. The one that was delivered, however, was, well. Yeah.

There are also some pretty awful looking character cakes!

What about you? Have you ever purchased or made an awful looking cake? Hit us up in the comments.

天涯上的蛋糕帖,吃蛋糕毁三观,以后都不想吃蛋糕了~~~~ [RenRen via 中国的爆発]

(Top photo: Razmarinka | Shutterstock)

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